Our Desertbabies are growing and putting on weight very nice. Kerrigan is a caring mum, and we think she is enjoying her motherhood.


Kerrigan gave birth to 3 superlovely babies. Delivery was quick, and Kerrigan is a devoted mum.

S*Viento´s Kalahari


2019 - A brand new year!!!

One year has passaed and a short summery...

S*Viento´s Flat Out Fabulous & S*Viento´s Feeling Fuzzy both brothers became Junior Winners during 2018. not only did they recive the that title ...

S*Viento´s Flat Out Fabulous als became National Winner in klass kitten /junior - S*Viento´s first National Winner. We are so proud. We can´t thank his owner Maja Karlsson at Dalkul.lans for taking him to show and presenting him so beautiful.

S*Viento´s Feeling Fuzzy became no 1 at Norsk Skovkattering - and again many thanks to his owner Dorthe & Thomas Bondesson at DK*Tumblings, for taking him to show and presenting him like a dream .


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