Pokemon moveset babies born 2021.11.07




Name Sex Colour Status
S*Viento´s Ice Beam male w 62 available
S*Viento´s Frost Breath male w 62 available
S*Viento´s Bullet Punch male n 09 23 booked
S*Viento´s Bubble Beam female w 62 booked


♥♥♥♥ newborn  1 Week  2 Weeks  3 Weeks  4 Weeks 
 5 Weeks   6Weeks   7Weeks   8 Weeks  9Weeks  10Weeks 
11 Weeks    12 Weeks          

TBD = To be decided, under evaluation
On hold
Someone is interested in the kitten but nothing is decided.
= The kitten is probably sold, a booking fee has been payed.
= The kitten will move to its new family soon


Our goal is to breed healthy, strong built cats according to the FIFé standard of Norwegian forest cats, and the temper is our top priority. The most imporant for us, is that the cat will be a nice familypet. Our kittens will be used to an ordinary familylife, with children in different ages and other cats.

All breeding cats will be tested for HCM regular, and are of course tested for GSD IV & Pk-def. (or free-tested by parents)

The kittens will be sold according to Sverak rules
*SVERAK pedigree(Fife)
*ID-marked with a microchip.
*Fully vaccinated aginst flu/enteritis.
*Health-certitficate(not older than 7 days).
*Deliverance between 12-14 weeks of age.
*Lifetime support from us